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Just a reminder -our usual Windows SIG will be happening this coming Tuesday, 
August 13.
Run, walk, drive, fly, bicycle, paddle or swim but be there.

This coming meeting will start with our usual hour of Q&A.  The night's
presentation is still in flux. I'll be out of town but Steve Fondren has 
graciously offered to moderate the meeting.

Recall that subjects we want to explore
this year include:
    a.. Power Toys for Windows XP
    b.. Windows XP Networking
    c.. Resources
    d.. UNIX
    e.. V-B scripting
    f.. Temp Internet Cache on boot
    g.. Security, 64 bit and 128 bit
    h.. Windows update options
    i.. System Maintenance and optimization (Cookies, Defrag. Registry)
(Dave Dodge plans to cover this)
    j.. Voice Control/Handwriting (Cliff Morgan plans to cover this)
    k.. The Ideal System
    l.. Spam
If anyone is ready to speak on one of the above topics tomorrow feel free
to step forward, earn fame and fortune (at leat 200 kegabucks) and do your
fellow users a favor. Please consider selecting a meeting over the next
several months to lead a discussion on one of these topics.

Bring your friends and co-workers. Remember, more attendees mean more
energy, synergy, ideas and a lively, interesting meeting. We welcome
guests and help shy first timers who have a burning question that they
can't seem to get answered anywhere else.

Meeting time and place: 7:00 PM, Room D, North Bellevue Community Center.
Go to WWW.KEGS.ORG for map and other neat stuff about our venue and


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