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To get XP to talk to Win9x, on a peer to peer network, you need both
systems to have the NETBUEI network protocol loaded on both systems.  XP
also has a firewall that must be disabled for file and printer sharing
to work.  

NETBUEI should be on the XP-Home CD in a support folder or a network

//David Dodge//

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        I finally took the plunge. I bought a new computer that came
with XP home edition. I'm running Win98 on my other machine. (I'm still
using Win98 because I have a film scanner that won't work on XP. Nikon
didn't make an upgraded driver; their solution was for me to spend
$2,000 for a new scanner. Ha!)

        Here's my problem, I can't get XP to recognize the Win98 machine
has my laserjet connected to it. I also want to transfer files.

        I ran the XP network wizard and it had me create a floppy to run
on the
other machine. However, Win98 doesn't recognize the file as a valid
32-bit application.

        What can I do? I could buy a printer hub for my network, but
wouldn't solve sharing files.

..Doug Pizac

        P.S. Another query is about Win98's "show desktop" icon on the
There isn't one with XP, that I can find. Is there a keystroke I can use
or some other method to create the icon?

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