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Regarding your film scanner. You might try SilverFast to run your scanner.
Bill Fisher of the KEGS Digital Imaging SIG has used this software and may be
able to give you some guidance.

Windows Key + D will bring up the desktop. Also, there is an icon in the task
bar that looks like a toggle switch that will reveal the desktop.

Gordon Young

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        I finally took the plunge. I bought a new computer that came loaded
with XP home edition. I'm running Win98 on my other machine. (I'm still
using Win98 because I have a film scanner that won't work on XP. Nikon
didn't make an upgraded driver; their solution was for me to spend
$2,000 for a new scanner. Ha!)

        Here's my problem, I can't get XP to recognize the Win98 machine which
has my laserjet connected to it. I also want to transfer files.

        I ran the XP network wizard and it had me create a floppy to run on
other machine. However, Win98 doesn't recognize the file as a valid
32-bit application.

        What can I do? I could buy a printer hub for my network, but that
wouldn't solve sharing files.

...Doug Pizac

        P.S. Another query is about Win98's "show desktop" icon on the
There isn't one with XP, that I can find. Is there a keystroke I can use
or some other method to create the icon?

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