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windows 2K has a removable media function for Jaz, Zip, CR-RWs and such.
you might look into that a bit more as i think it thinks that the memory is
a hard drive and not a removable disk. This causes some problems with
deleting and characterizing.  you might just try "Movein" the folder instead
of copying.  Will do the same as a delete, but leaves nothing on the media
and everything goes to the hard drive.  This is a suggestions as I have not
played with the digital media.

David Dodge

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        I've got two problems -- one minor and one major. I'll deal with the
minor one in this email and address the major one in a separate.

        I'm a photographer who shoots digital. The media is a SanDisk compact
disk. To transfer the pictures files into my desktop or laptop, I copy
them via a SanDisk USB card reader. Copying is fine. The glitch is
trying to delete them from the disk afterwards under Win2000 OS.

        I have two desktops running Win98, one laptop with Win98 and one laptop
loaded with Win2000. With all three machines that run Win98, deleting
the files is a snap -- no problem. I just highlight the files and either
click DEL or drag them to the trash bin and the disk is cleaned up ready
to go back into the camera.

        The laptop running Win2000 is a different matter. When I delete the
files, they disappear from the folder. But when I put the disk back into
the camera, the images are still there as if they've never been erased.
The go away sometimes if I leave the disk in the laptop for a couple of
minutes after hitting DEL. Waiting is not an option however. This
problem also occurs when I load the disk into the laptop via the PCMCIA
slot; so it isn't the USB port.

        Any suggestions?

...Doug Pizac

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