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Shutting off processes is more elegant than doing a Crtl-Alt-Del in
Win9x/Me.  It allows you to see all the processes and show what
percentage of the CPU they are using and how much memory they are using.
By "regaining control of your system" you look at the process that is
taking up all the CPU cycles (usually 70-99% of the cpu)and then you
kill that process. Then you get control of the system back.  You can
restart the application that was hung (internet Explorer does this a lot
if you loose your internet connection) but a hung install or some other
application that you may not even know is running could hang and lock
the system, thereby preventing an application to run.  This usually
works, but sometimes you just have to power off the system.  

//David Dodge//

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Thanks, David!

Something I need to clarify.  The technician and you mention "regaining
control of your system."  Ending the processes is part of the reinstall,
there isn't any loss of control.  Is this just a matter of semantics?

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> Kurt,
> Terminating a process is ok as long as you know what that process is
> doing and it is something that needs to be done to regain control of
> your system.   I do this all the time and get the same warning.  This
> a secondary level of "do you really want to do that?".  The system
> not allow you to terminate critical system processes, so you are
> generally safe under most circumstances.  It would help if the Covey
> technician knew what processes that needed to be terminated for you to
> reinstall the program, as that would help to target what needed to be
> shut down.  I would recommend you do the reinstall in Safe Mode as
> processes aren't loaded that would load under a normal boot.  This
> help minimize what you have to attempt to shut down.
> I shut down processes that are hung (or applications that are hung) to
> regain control of my system when something goes wrong.  The technician
> gae ok advice, but should have been more specific, or at least walked
> you through each one.
> David Dodge
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> I'm uninstalling and reinstalling a program (Franklin Covey Planner)
> one of the steps is to end all processes except systray and explorer.
> When I click the "end process" button a warning window comes up,
> "Warning: terminating a process can cause undesirable results
> loss of data and system instability..."  I was told by the tech
> to ignore the warning.
> Is this good advice?
> Thanks
> Kurt

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