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Here is an oufit I used a couple years ago when I had a similar problem
with a drive.  They had a "one time use" tool for data recovery at
home...for about $100.  Not a give-a-away...but still lots better than
$1000.  IT worked out great for me..they coached me thru it and I got
all my data back.

Lee Gentry
425-343-2295 (cell)

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        Here's my second problem -- a major one.

        In July, my wife's friend came for a visit and asked to use our
home computer to check her email. The friend has zip knowledge of what
to do and not to do. If she gets spam, she'll click on the unsubscribe
button thereby confirming the address' existence. During the same time
frame, I failed to notice that my Norton Anti-Virus software ran out of
its year of definition upgrades the week before.

        As the result, several viruses downloaded themselves onto my
computer. When I discovered the definitions lapse a month later, I
resubscribed, and downloaded the new definitions. Norton found and fixed
all but one virus. The last one was memory resident and even glitched
Norton itself.  I took my machine to a local shop where they found the
Exploit x2 virus.

        The virus was causing problems with the programs on my C drive,
but no problems on my separate D drive with all my data. When the shop
got rid of the virus, the C drive worked fine, but the D drive was a
mess. Of course, there are files -- important files -- on the drive that
I didn't have a backup of.

        While I could access the C drive without problem, clicking on
the D drive froze the system. I finally was able to look at the D drive
through another machine via the network.  All but two directory folders
were visible. I was able to transfer the files from three directories
over the network to the other computer. While the folders of the rest
were there, the files weren't. Two directory folders aren't there, but I
suspect the files are. The amount of used disk space on the drive seems
to be correct.

        I contacted DriveSavers in San Francisco about getting the data
back. A friend had used them. The problem with them is the cost --
$600-1200. All the lost files on the D drive is for our church and some
for my kid's school. I can't afford the money, and neither can they.
Right now, the drive is disconnected. Nothing has been written or erased
on it. The drive is a Maxtor 30-gig.

        Does anyone have suggestions or enough expertise that I could
send you the drive for data recovery. I know all the directory
structures and what the file names are that I need. As I said,
everything that is important is for our church and school. There are
some personal files, but I can do without those.

        There is one thing I haven't tried yet for fear of screwing it
up. That's trying to access the D drive via DOS. Should I give that a

...Doug Pizac

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