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        Sorry, but no recovery disks. I can see the folders, but not the data. 
Also, the D drive is not a partition of the C drive. C is a 30-gig
drive; and D is a second 30-gig drive.

...Doug Pizac

"David M. Dodge" wrote:
> Doug Looks like you may need to get the MBR restored and restore the
> partition table.  Did you make recovery disks for the drive (win98, W2k) or
> even Norton antivirus?  It seems like in the process of restoring your
> Master boot record on the C drive they hosed the record for the D
> partiition.  I would run a checkdisk to see if it sees any errors.  If you
> can see all the data except two folders there is hope.
> David Dodge
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> SIG'rs...
>         Here's my second problem -- a major one.
>         In July, my wife's friend came for a visit and asked to use our home
> computer to check her email. The friend has zip knowledge of what to do
> and not to do. If she gets spam, she'll click on the unsubscribe button
> thereby confirming the address' existence. During the same time frame, I
> failed to notice that my Norton Anti-Virus software ran out of its year
> of definition upgrades the week before.
>         As the result, several viruses downloaded themselves onto my computer.
> When I discovered the definitions lapse a month later, I resubscribed,
> and downloaded the new definitions. Norton found and fixed all but one
> virus. The last one was memory resident and even glitched Norton
> itself.  I took my machine to a local shop where they found the Exploit
> x2 virus.
>         The virus was causing problems with the programs on my C drive, but no
> problems on my separate D drive with all my data. When the shop got rid
> of the virus, the C drive worked fine, but the D drive was a mess. Of
> course, there are files -- important files -- on the drive that I didn't
> have a backup of.
>         While I could access the C drive without problem, clicking on the D
> drive froze the system. I finally was able to look at the D drive
> through another machine via the network.  All but two directory folders
> were visible. I was able to transfer the files from three directories
> over the network to the other computer. While the folders of the rest
> were there, the files weren't. Two directory folders aren't there, but I
> suspect the files are. The amount of used disk space on the drive seems
> to be correct.
>         I contacted DriveSavers in San Francisco about getting the data back. 
> A
> friend had used them. The problem with them is the cost -- $600-1200.
> All the lost files on the D drive is for our church and some for my
> kid's school. I can't afford the money, and neither can they. Right now,
> the drive is disconnected. Nothing has been written or erased on it. The
> drive is a Maxtor 30-gig.
>         Does anyone have suggestions or enough expertise that I could send you
> the drive for data recovery. I know all the directory structures and
> what the file names are that I need. As I said, everything that is
> important is for our church and school. There are some personal files,
> but I can do without those.
>         There is one thing I haven't tried yet for fear of screwing it up.
> That's trying to access the D drive via DOS. Should I give that a try?
> ...Doug Pizac

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