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A utility that I downloaded awhile ago and have used periodically,
especially to let me know what version of software is on my machine, is the
Belarc Advisor.  It also provides a lot of system hardware configuration
information, and should run fine from a floppy that calls on C:.  The
download link is http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html.

You might also try Google with the term "system configuration [or
information] utility" and see what comes up.  Or try the PC Magazine, PC
World, ZDnet, or similar websites.


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I'm looking for a utility that runs from the CD/floppy and outputs system
configuration information.  The System Information utility in Norton
Utilities 2002 gives this information, but it has to be installed.  I'm
working on a project to track the configuration of a network, workstations,
and server(s).  Any ideas?

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