[kegswindows] Re: Outlook Express Freezes Win XP Computer

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  • Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 11:41:45 -0800


I appreciate your responses.  I did look for KB articles at both Symantec
and Microsoft sites but didn't find much.  Last night I tried sending myself
an email and it worked fine, and it seems to be fine today.  I
double-checked the emails that I received during the problem and none were
especially large files.

I suppose for now I'll have to be satisfied without knowing what caused the
slowing/almost freezing performance.  But I'm thankful it's working!!

Again, thanks for being there, everyone.

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> Kurt,
> I have had similar problems with my system at work, though not at home.
> In my case, some messages from some spammers just cause OE to hang for
> interminable periods of time, usually until I get impatient enough that
> I kill the OE session.
> I have submitted reports to MS and have gotten back a diagnostic report
> that there are compatability problems with some versions of Flash
> Player.
> Larry
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> I have Win XP Pro and have been using its Outlook Express (OE)
> application with no problems.  However, yesterday when I started OE, the
> computer performance slowed way down, almost freezing, while "Receiving
> Mail" is displayed in the usual place (lower-right screen).  I tried a
> few soft reboots and one complete shutdown but got the same result.  I
> tried Outlook 97, thinking it was an Operating System issue since OE is
> integrated, but it still almost froze the computer.
> The only thing that was different yesterday was a game I downloaded from
> Microsoft.  However, I only downloaded it to my desktop; I didn't
> install it.
> Any ideas why OE is suddenly acting up?
> Kurt Mincin
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