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I have had similar problems with my system at work, though not at home.

In my case, some messages from some spammers just cause OE to hang for
interminable periods of time, usually until I get impatient enough that
I kill the OE session.

I have submitted reports to MS and have gotten back a diagnostic report
that there are compatability problems with some versions of Flash


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I have Win XP Pro and have been using its Outlook Express (OE)
application with no problems.  However, yesterday when I started OE, the
computer performance slowed way down, almost freezing, while "Receiving
Mail" is displayed in the usual place (lower-right screen).  I tried a
few soft reboots and one complete shutdown but got the same result.  I
tried Outlook 97, thinking it was an Operating System issue since OE is
integrated, but it still almost froze the computer.  

The only thing that was different yesterday was a game I downloaded from
Microsoft.  However, I only downloaded it to my desktop; I didn't
install it.  

Any ideas why OE is suddenly acting up?

Kurt Mincin
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