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I would use the WinXP for the internet connection via modem.  The platform
has a internet firewall, which will give you some protection, at least more
than the Win 98 box would.  It's more stable and should serve well in that
I wouldn't consider a client server setup as with only two systems, a peer
to peer is adequate.  you will need two network cards and a crossover cable
or a hub/switch and two patch cables for everything to work.  The XP system
will act as a dhcp server and will hand out an address to the other
computer.  I would read up on the topic before proceeding.

David Dodge

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Now that I have a 2nd computer, I'm going to network them.  I understand
that cabling is the cheapest way.  I would like both computers to access the
internet by dial-up, since I don't have a choice for high-speed in my area
at this time.  How do I decide between Client/Server or Peer/Peer setup?  Is
there much difference between using 98 versus XP?

Kurt Mincin

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