[kegswindows] Re: IE 6 and online chat technology

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  • Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 22:57:47 -0800

Thanks for the reponses.

David, are you suggesting to contact FranklinCovey to ask if they formally
support IE 6?  What I'm wondering is if Stephen is using it without a
problem, then wouldn't the issue be with my machine?

Stephen, I looked at View, Privacy Report, and the Security tab in IE but
I'm not sure what you're referring to.  Would you tell me what I'm looking

Also, you both mention the Service Packs/patches.  Tonight I downloaded two
SP2 hotfixes (one for IE and one for Windows Security) that were updates for
my machine.  I assume I've got the latest...is that a fair assumption?

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> The Service Pack level could also have a big impact on what you could do
> what you now can do.  winXP is at Sp1 and IE6 is also at SP1.  I would
> to find out if Frankiln/Covey supports both of those.
> david dodge
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> Kurt,
> I "chatted" with a Franklin Covey Support Engineer from my WinXP IE 6
> desktop just a few weeks ago (re an issue with the new Franklin Plan
> Plus software) and didn't have any problems. Not saying that the problem
> couldn't be on the client side but in my case it worked without a
> glitch. You might try checking your security settings. Also make sure
> you've got the latest IE patches.
> Good Luck!  :-)
> -Steve
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> Any ideas?
> I'm using Win XP/IE 6 and trying to connect with an online technical
> support chat site (Franklin Covey).  When I click on the "chat with a
> technician option on their site, the browser page remains blank but the
> address bar keeps changing between two sites, never getting to the chat
> page.  I spoke with the company's Director of technical support and he
> said he hasn't had any other complaints about this.  I didn't see any
> Microsoft KB articles.
> Kurt

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