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Though it's somewhat tempting to buy refilled and reduced price ink
cartridges, I don't recommend it for several reasons.

1. It voids your warranty.  If you are only on your first cartridge
replacement, your printer may or may not be under warranty. Most
manufacturers will not replace or repair a printer that has had "other" ink
in it.

2.  The print quality may not be what you expect.  HP and Epson spend BIG
BUCKS to deliver a very cost effective solution and the science and
engineering that goes into the inks is very important(you don't look at the
printer, you look at the print)They have manufacturing processes that finely
grind(called milling)the ink components so they can go through the VERY
SMALL ink nozzles.  The chemistry is also a critical part as it related to
the fluidity of the inks as well as the drying characteristics and the color
saturation and stability of the dyes once printed and also fade resistance.

3.  The HP printers have the print heads embedded in the cartridge.  Epson
has the heads on the carriage.  These two approaches can determine how you
approach the problem.  If you get bad printing on an HP, you replace the
cartridge and hope things get better.  If a refilled cartridge has a bad
head or a marginal head when refilled, it could fail after onlyhalf use.  If
you use a refilled cartridge in an Epson, it could jam the heads and then
require the printer to be sent in for repair(and subsequent determination
that non Epson ink was used therefore voiding any warranty)

4.  You have to make your own decision.  Generally if you print only b&w, a
laser printer is more economical.  there are decent laser printers that meet
most user needs for around $200-300, look for onew with a high duty cycle as
that means it is designed for a high printer use environment(a bit more
rugged than those with a lower duty cycle) If it is mixed b&w and color, the
ink jets are more flexible and are reasonably economical.  High volume color
would point the user to a color laserjet.

The abillity of inkjets to do both color and b&w are it's great strength.
The cost of manufacturing, the ease of use and the flexibility to print to
different media should not be ignored.

I have 3 Espon printers, It was costing me about $50 a printer for
refills(Stylus Color 400 and 500).  Once I networked an Epson Stylus 980N
the whole house now prints to one printer(higher duty cycle) and the
cartridge change costs about the same.  I personally have used the Epson
cartridges and have had no printer problems as a result.  You have to weigh
the savings on ink with the cost of hassles and being without a printer for
a time for repairs.  Others may ba able to give you more information on
using refills.

Hope this helps your decision.

David Dodge

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The low ink warning light on my HP 950C printer indicates it time to
venture out and find replacement cartridges. This is the first time I've
had to replace ink, and would appreciate recommendations on
brick-and-mortar retailers to find inkjet cartridges at a low price.

Anyone had success with ordering refilled cartridges via the Web instead of
retail stores? If so, how long did a shipment take?

Thanks for your suggestions and have a wonderful Christmas.

Phil in Bothell

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