[kegswindows] Re: Cell spacing in Excel?

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  • Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 18:50:44 -0800

Try this:

.  highlight the column
.  go to "Format/Cell"
.  under the first "Number" tab, select "Accounting"


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>Was wondering if any Office 2000 users can enlighten me on how, or if it is
>possible, to set the cell margins in an Excel spreadsheet?
>I know with Word, you can key in numerical values in the 'cell spacing
>dialog box' to space the cell text a set distance from the top, bottom,
>left, and right side. This spacing of the text, away from the table grid
>lines, produces an easier reading table of text.
>In Excel, the row height and column width can be set; however, I can't find
>any way to space the cell text away from the cell borders? Some text needs
>to be right-aligned (e.g. accounting numbers) and the text is so close to
>the spreadsheet grid line, that reading the content is more difficult.
>Thanks for your suggestions,

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