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I'll be glad to share any solution I come up with....and hope to heck it
is NOT "fdisk"!

Lee Gentry
425-343-2295 (cell)

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Lee I have the same problem with my computer. FDIC I the last thing I =
can do. But I really don't wont to do that. So If any one has a solution
please let us know.

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From: "Lee Gentry" <lee.gentry@xxxxxxx>
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Subject: [kegswindows] Casino pop-ups

> HELP...
> Got a Win98 computer with a mind of it's own.  Internet Explorer will
> suddenly open and start downloading assorted casino websites. Of =
> everytime you try to close a screen more will pop up ..the task bar
> fills with pop up screens.
> Have used Task Manager to close EVERYTHING listed except Windows
> Explorer.
> Have run and re-run Norton AV 2001 to see if it could pick up anything
> with no luck.  I cleared the Exclusions list in case the "nasty" was
> hiding from Norton that way.
> Computer is inline with DSL thru a NAT "firewall" router (Linksys).
> Whatever triggers the "nasty" to start opening casino sites does not
> seem to be related to internet use.  Simply booting the computer and
> waiting a while is enough.
> Right now I am using a pop-up killer to suppress the casino
> screens...the computer is unusable without it.
> Anybody else seen anything like this?  We have no idea where the =
> came from.  The computer user swears she has never visited a casino
> site.
> Regardless of how we got it, we have some sort of malicious program =
> uses IE and web sites to make the computer unusable and I really need
> get rid of it.
> HELP...any ideas less painful than "fdisk"
> Thanks
> Lee Gentry

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