[kegswindows] Aviations SIG this coming Tuesday

  • From: "Clifford Olin" <cliff_olin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 06:37:16 -0700

This is just a reminder that we'll have our usual Aviation SIG this coming 
Tuesday. Location: Room D at the North Bellevue Senior Center at 7:00 PM

The agenda will be an hour of Q & A followed by a more focused discussion of 
aviation issues or a presentation on flight simulation software. Since our 
group is still very small and developing we can go wherever the Q & A session 
takes us.

You should consider attending Raincoast this year. It is close, being in 
Tacoma, and from my experience last year, very rewarding for folks who have a 
need or desire to help make computer SIGs and user groups successful. The 
deadline for registration is nearing. Check out the Raincoast web site below:


For more details on KEGS,  a map to our meeting location, and other valuable 
info, go to www.kegs.org.


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