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Dear Colleagues,


I want to share with you an important addition to our agreed-upon communication 
and outreach efforts.

First, as you know, Department of Human Services has established an Influenza 
Hotline (800) 978-3040, to serve as a one-stop information call line (for both 
seasonal and H1N1) for the general public, health care providers, and labs. The 
hotline began taking calls on September 15. Current hours are 8 AM-6 PM, Monday 
through Friday.

Information provided includes vaccination locations and answers to general 
questions about the vaccine and H1N1 and  seasonal Flu. 

Calls from clinicians and labs are routed to health care professionals and will 
be supported by medical consultants on an as needed basis.

What's New:

Within the next few days we will be expanding the services provided by 
establishing a nurse triage hotline for persons with influenza like symptoms or 
who were exposed. There will still be one phone number;  central call takers 
will act as "gatekeepers" to the triage line. The outcomes of the triage line 
will include: advice on home care,  recommendation to seek care from their 
regular provider, or a referral to a provider, or (if appropriate) referral to 
the ER.  One of the primary goals of this service is to divert patients away 
from the ER or other providers if self care is the most appropriate course of 

As a result, it is possible some callers may be referred to local safety net 
clinics. We request that, as you continue to work with the providers in your 
community, you prepare them for this possible increase in request for services, 
and remind them of the role that local and state emergency management agencies 
can play in assisting communities to meet emergency medical service needs.

Key Messages:

The hotline includes a number of services: medical advice and outpatient 
referral, vaccine and virus information, and vaccine locations;

Anyone experiencing ILI symptoms or concerned about exposure is encouraged to 
call the hotline;

There is ONE phone number for the hotline: 1-800-978-3040;

There is no charge to make the call - the services are free;

Sick callers will be transferred to a nurse to discuss symptoms and treatment - 
 possible outcomes of the call include home care advice or recommendation to 
contact their regular provider or referral to a clinic.

Health care providers can also receive free medical consultation on H1N1 as 
needed through the hotline.


Call volume: 


Call volume spiked to over a thousand calls early the week of October 26 and 
has leveled out to around 800 calls/day average. "Total" indicates number of 
calls to the hotline, while "Taken" refers to the number of calls taken by 
calltakers (some callers receive the information they need from a recorded 
message at the beginning of the call)."Seasonal" refers to the number of calls 
taken (of the total calls) asking seasonal flu questions.

Thank you for your continuing leadership and partnership in response to this 


Gail Shibley

ESF 8 Incident Manager



Monte B Keady

Division Chief - Training/EMS

Klamath County Fire District No. 1

143 N Broad Street, 

Klamath Falls OR 97601

541.885.2059 ext.109



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There is a new addition to the state H1N1 Hotline they will be providing some 
limited triage over the phone.  That may be a good place to refer people who 
have questions without getting to detailed?


Monte B Keady

Division Chief - Training/EMS

Klamath County Fire District No. 1

143 N Broad Street, 

Klamath Falls OR 97601

541.885.2059 ext.109



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I think it is good. Do we need to reinforce the when to seek medical attention?


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