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Dear ESIHI members
We are meeting on 22nd sep 2014(monday) by 1:00 pm...Please be 5
minutes before in the venue..As it is long time we have meet...I want
everybody to make it up...

Volunteers to prepare for a mock workshop on Embedded Devices
1. Separate teams will work on Raspberry pi, Arduino, Galileo, Arm
Cortex M, Sun Spot, Wasp motes and every team will convert Abishek
Soni's Robo idea in there kits to the extent possible...and every team
will design Traffic light controller using FSM
(Hope u remember this!!! taught in internship)
2. Each Team should make a online Manual as blog or webpage and Clear
Documentation with step wise support and a you tube video(on selected
3. The manual should have topics as arranged in a book or a website
like Tutorials Point..the idea is the person who reads should be able
to accomplish it without further goggling...It should be the BEST one
stop solution...Got it!!!!
4. It should have topics like What is Embedded Systems..Micro
controllers in market..Survey of them based on important parameters,
then get it to ur micro controller...
then do u remember long ago I sent the modules you need to
complete..(refer to previous mail)..like Input, Output, sms, Database,
email..etc..all this should be executed and taken snap shots and added
to that manual..
5. This needs consistency and persistence ..I feel just one hour in
week days...Week ends(atleast 12 hours devoted..) will make us
complete within 60 days..I feel...

The group who does this will get a letter of appreciation from HOD and
You will be a resource person or play a equivalent vital role in the
national work shop on Embedded Systems which is coming up in
Feb..refer our srm website..upcoming events..If u all cooperate...It
is a great opportunity to expose to the world who we are..
But remember the work should be worth it...Be proud of your work..:-)

We are working on few more credentials which will add real value to ur
CV, profile..to u as a whole...Do it sincerely and with enjoyment..the
rest will unwinding on its own...

But these are just added credentials..But the work u do will speak for
u thousand times...It is within ur limits..believe me...we can rock if
we are determined and focused...

With the belief that you all are still connected to Embedded and
me..:-)..waiting to see u grow...

Fill in wiki if u are willing to attend:


Responsible for you
Kayalvizhi Jayavel
Assistant Professor
Department of IT
SRM University

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