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Thank you Gaurav atleast you remember...Even I wanted to send the
message...Gaurav I understand and we are all part of it ...:-)

This message is to each one of us...
Dear all
Every one should be proud to Own some responsibility:-) ..

Chart your own plan based on your skill set..or develop your skill
set....will be happy if you can put something in action as I have sent
agendas from myside (all my previous mails..please read one more
time..recollect discussions,assimilate...I have done the best from
myside..and will continue to do...But what about ???.Lot of work pending
from all of us...and get some plans and agenda...We will split work
accordingly..and discuss with me...we will call in a meet...I expect every
senior to take up some owning and help ur juniors....I will always be eager
to support...

There are some students who come regularly Vignesh, Karthick, Gokul, Neha.
Atleast they are doing some projects on Latency checker...I expect everyone
to meet discuss and build up a one to relation everyone of u and me..
Abhishek meets me to ask what to do..Anagh,  talks though mails..though he
do not meet frequently..My sincere appreciations to them...Apart from these
students ...I am sorry to say this...Most of the students have vanished and
never even think about it...It is disheartening to me too as to u...Except
a few final year students there are few of them who looks to me very self
centered and calculative....It is not a good culture...I want every one to
get self initiated, Be good, help others, be supportive...I always feel you
all should be role models and leads...Spread goodness...Else will
automatically take care of itself....

I request every one to take some initiative...Come with some ideas..For
doing good things you don not have to wait for directions....I feel bad
that every time I put in lot of efforts...but reciprocation is
missing...Please be happy to be part of...You all can meet me in
person.Nothing can be achieved without team spirit and involvement..It is
not that every time it should from myside...You all can initiate and
discuss with me..If acceptable will implement it...:-).all that committed
from my side was done...Classes, Certificates, support, planner , Project
idea, collaboration project with industry,etc....Expecting something from
you all..I think I have that freedom and rights to expect from u...

I want everyone of you to meet  me in person (If you are outside
chennai...mail ) and tell me how will you contribute to ESIHI ...to your
own growth..Please think as how would you like to contribute...because you
know this much better....I understand you have exams..I have always been
very considerable...But talking, discussing , meeting for little time..I
believe is very much accommodatable ..

If you agree and feel I am right respond..If I am wrong correct me...

Please be humble and responsible...Nothing we will achieve being with that
"I"....Help needed to take our Club forward...If ESIHI wins please remember
each one of us will win...Just imagine how beautiful it will be if we love
and care for each other and grow technically as I team....Feel it...

Yours truely
Kayalvizhi Jayavel

On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 11:17 PM, gaurav sarma <gauravsarma1992@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello maam,
> I think the ESIHI group has fallen asleep. I think some tasks should be
> given as the semester holidays are approaching and everyone would be going
> home soon.

Kayalvizhi Jayavel
Assistant Professor
Department of IT
SRM University

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