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  • Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 00:07:19 +0530

Dear members of ESIHI
We will have a meeting this monday by 1:15. Kindly let me know prior if
there is any difficulty so that we can plan accordingly..:-)

Meeting duration: 30(min)-45(max) mins

Note: I want all of you to come prepared for the meeting...Especially
Points 4, 9, 11 and 12. Also put in whats app group...And please inform
everyone..take care no one is missed...Some of them complain that the mails
does not reach them..please each one of take care of your year and sec
Please do not come without going through (google it and understand what are
Also I want the teams finalized
1.  EFY subscription for a year (mandatory for all)
2. Register Coursera (mandatory for all)
3. Each one to posses Raspberry(preferable) or Arduino Kit (mandatory)
4. Discuss about Spark core and Intel edison (Those who are Willing can buy)
5. Technical Reading group formation and Rules formulation and what
expected from them..
6. Website design (Any dedicated volunteer could take up...this will become
the soul and single point of contact to ESIHI)
7. A team of 2 for a project (project ideas refer point 9 or any other ways
8. For sure to complete this winter the Modules(Refer our archive mails)
which is long pending(Excuses not entertained)
9. DIY Projects Websites: makezine, instructables, electronicsfor u,
10. Board sites: arduino.cc, raspberrypi.org, beagleboard.org
11. Books: chip_talk by K.C Bhasin, Microcontroller base Projects, Home
Projects (Willing members can buy)
12. Your contribution to ESIHI and your role and technical commitment for
coming workshop this Feb (for all)
13. Any other matter

Final years: Please come with your clear project abstract and proposal

Good Teams become GREAT ones when the team members trust each other enough
to surrender the "ME" for the "WE".
-Phil Jackson

Kayalvizhi Jayavel
Assistant Professor
Department of IT
SRM University

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