[kayalvizhijayavel.jayavel] Re: Internship starts by 10 am tomorrow in Embedded System Lab 5th floor

  • From: Gokul Ashok <gokulashok007@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kayalvizhijayavel.jayavel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2014 22:48:33 +0530

Okay Ma'am.

N.Gokul Ashok

On 5 June 2014 16:20, Kayalvizhi Jayavel <
kayalvizhijayavel.jayavel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear  Students
> I am extremely thankful for your understanding and patience about the
> postponement.
> The class* starts tomorrow (6th July 2014) by 10 am.* Venue : *5th Floor
> Embedded Systems Lab*
> *Tonight Planner(Optional)*
> *If you have time* tonight you can watch you-tube videos on
> 1. Basics, Applications and Future of of Embedded Systems.
> 2. Also you can go through* few videos on 8051 and ARM Micro-controllers
> (Just know what is it and how it is different from microcomputer and
> microprocessor).*
> 3. You can also see videos about *Role of Embedded Systems in Internet of
> Things(IoT), NFC (Near Field Communication)*..This is the technology
> which the whole world is working about..
> 4.And also search for *Gartner's Cycle* which is looked up by every
> top-notch company to decide on the future projectile...This is released
> every year...Do check the Future of the technologies you have already heard
> of and also about IoT from *Gartners 2014 cycle*
> Let us start our wholehearted and involved journey towards Embedded
> Systems from tomorrow...Looking forward a lot of smart,skillful and devoted
> team including me...:-)..
> Start dreaming of any project which you think will make sense, even if it
> is simple it is perfectly ok until it is useful and touches someone in
> daily life...Let us try to bring it to shape and make it happen...
> Regards
> Kayalvizhi Jayavel
> Assistant Professor
> Department of IT
> SRM University

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