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Dear Students

Re-sending this mail for emphasis and kick start...:-)...Please read this
again with patience...Deadlines extended till August end...But work hard to
complete as soon as possible as we can start working on the next level..:-)

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From: Kayalvizhi Jayavel <kayalvizhijayavel.jayavel@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 11:12 AM
Subject: June 2014 planner for ESIHI team members
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Dear Students

The deadline for Q8, 9 and Toll gate is closed by yesterday 12:00am...

It was consoling that Gaurav Shailabh Amrita Ankita and Revathy have
started working...Good..But expected to gear more...

Rest of you please break the inhibition and fear..make that first step
forward..rest will fall in its place with ease....Think only of one thing
the whole week this Embedded project.. Little efforts every minute will pay
you remarkably great..*.Instead of saying* I do not know I cannot and
idling...Keep *do*ing something let be right or wrong

You all have the potential...Only thing is to be in to it joyfully but not
by force and do it consistently ...Expecting some good progress well within
deadlines...There is a long way to go...Let us make it happen together...:-)

*The Level 1 Project:*
*Module 1: (Due: 18.06.2014)*
*I/P:* A sensor(Any sensor) reading taken will be given to any port pin as
input of any micro-controller.
 *Programming Logic:*   1. If the temperature is beyond some threshold
value a fan is switched on...(*O/P:*A stepper motor/DC motor on) and (*O/P:*a
LED is on to indicate it and switch off both when temperature comes below
*Module 2: (Due: 20.06.2014)*
           2. These readings are recorded in the data base indicating the
details like date,on time and off time, temperature, How many times on off
in a day? (You can add as many details as possible). and will be queried
when needed may be using SQL queries..
*Module 3: (Due:22.06.2014 )*
           3. Send SMS and mail at the end of each day to the owner.
*Module 4: (Due: 30.6.2014) *
           4. To connect the device and the database to web so that
controlling can be done remotely.

*Note: Adhere to the deadlines ...*
This the most simplest and *one of the important requirements of Embedded
system* and a *must know category*....Having* done this* your *unshaken
stage* is set...

*A prelude expected *each team by mail in .doc format by* tomorrow *before
8:00pm* (17.06.14)*

*1. Our Team name*
*2. Our Micro-controller*
*3. Team mates(Note: Strictly not more than two)*
*4. Our Expertise(Note:But mention by individual names)*
*5. Our detailed plan to achieve Level 1 requirement Note:(Indicate in
tabular format with day wise plan)*
*6. Our Level2 Project idea(Note: Any project is accepted until there is a
purpose..Hint: JUst observe around there may be lots of things
unexplored...Like that alarm in ur mobile at stations, attendance at
classes etc..)*
*7. Any other: *

You are expected to give a demo on (Saturday) 29th june 2014...On the kit
you have chosen( Raspberry, Galilio ,Arduino, ARM cortex M)

 *Contents of the presentation slides:*
*IDE used:*
*Languages supported:*
*Steps to compile, download and run*
*Examples at three levels: 1. How to display using hello world*
*                                          2. Sensor and an LED connected
to kit (Demo with both internal and external peripheral)*
*                                          3. Procedure(Coding) to connect
to Database *

Excuses not entertained at the later stage..Though we have formulated with
clear thinking and discussion about the agenda and deadlines, You may still
have some *issues/difficulty *and difference of opinion with the agenda and
dates in that case please let us know by *tomorrow evening by mail
indicating clearly the reasons for the same.*

*Request: *
*Kindly make your appeal sensible after proper discussion with your team
mates... Just an extension will take us no where...*   Hope you get it..

*for ESIHI*
*Kayalvizhi Jayavel*

Kayalvizhi Jayavel
Assistant Professor
Department of IT
SRM University

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