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  • Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 19:03:35 +0530

2010/1/25 Sreekumar T.M <tm_sreekumar@xxxxxxxxx>

> hai kanchilug,
>                      i need vlc player software download site for ubantu
> 9.0.4 version.I found many sites having link for the download but in every
> site i find .tar.gz formate for which i am not able to extract them and
> install them.

we have one simple way to install all the applications like vlc , mplayer
,etc., is called "Synaptic Package Manager " [ Gui tool ].

> so please i request you to send me the link for downloading vlc software in
> .deb formate in which i can eassily install.i would be very happy if you
> give me still more softwares which would work as efficient as vlc player
> plays videos.

we hope , you have internet connection.

connect the ubuntu with internet.

Go to ->  System ->  Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

It will ask "root user" password to open that.  enter ur root user password.

you can see the "Reload" arrow mark button at the top left side of that
package manager window.

It will fetch , the package indices from ubuntu-sites  .    Now you can see
28,924 no of packages at the bottom
of synaptic package.

Now , type your package name in search bar. say "vlc"

now the window will list outed the vlc-packages.

Right click on the vlc package , and select "Mark for installation ".

It will asks , to mark its decencies also. Mark that too.

Now click , "Apply" button at the left top most side of the package manager

Now , the process of downloading binary file from internet , and it will
installed automatically.

One more , to run vlc and mplayer in ubuntu , you need to install the


At last , install few players as "mplayer", "amarok".

All the best ! Enjoy with ubuntu.

Feel free to ask doubts in kanchilug mailing list.

நன்றி ,

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