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That has been the interim policy for two years now.  Was it re-released?

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Here is the new INTERIM policy regarding geocaching from PARKS CANADA.
Locally, this affects hides in the St Lawrence Islands National Park

The interim policy is as follows: 

- Virtual caches are to be located on official trails and in other publicly
accessible areas, and must have educational messages related to the
park/site associated with them. Parks Canada staff will assist with the
development of educational messages for virtual caches. 

- A moratorium has been placed on new physical caches. Existing physical
caches will be REMOVED, as will the website postings of physical caches. Web
material will be archived through cooperation with website administrators. 

- Physical geocaching is now posted as a prohibited activity in all Parks
Canada-administered protected heritage areas, in order to provide a
regulatory and compliance mechanism for managing the activity. 

end of quote.

The goal is to protect nesting/breeding grounds, and sensitive habitats.

I recently submitted a new cache which was rejected.  

I have 3 comments, please bear with me.

1) Geocaching is no longer "secret".  It is now so "public" that "policies"
are required.  IMHO, part of the fun is lost when our covert operations are
known and regulated.  Don't misunderstand, it's still fun.  It's just not
really sneaking if everyone knows you are doing it.

2) This policy says (to me) that geocachers don't respect the environment.
I always thought the opposite was true.


Dave Hamburger

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