[kag] Re: lighthouse cache, and others

  • From: "Bob Connelly" <swimmrguy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 09:22:18 -0400


You don't need thick skin--I think your caches are great.  (OK, I might be a
little biased as I was FTF on three of them!)  Caches appeal to me for a
variety of reasons, depending on the circumstances.

Sometimes it is the challenge of an inventive hide (ie. Looking for
Deadwood), and sometimes it's wondering if you are going to go for an
unexpected swim (eg. "Whistle in the Dark", "Bayshore Cache", and your very
own "Wavey.")  And sometimes it is going for a spectacular hike (like Marble
Rock) or paddle (like Courage Cove).  And finally, it's finding spots you've
never been to before (Big Sandy Bay and Family Tree.)  My son and I cycled
out there, and so we were happy to have straightforward finds.  The fun was
in getting there, and having something to find once we made it.

I was recently in Toronto, and without a car, I was limited to doing urban
caches that were reasonable trips on foot or short subway trips.  So
traditional caches, similar to "Lighthouse" located in downtown areas were
welcomed by me.  However, there were very few that were large enough to drop
off TBs--which I had wanted as I had brought a few along with me.

Like you, I have been thinking of ideas of where to put a few urban caches.
I am still working on it, but hopefully will get a few out in the near

Bob (swimmrguy)

PS--anyone making a trip to London soon?  Maybe we can put in a bulk order!

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