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I'm hoping for some feedback on the caches I hid.

Most recently, I hid Lighthouse, down at confederation park.

My goal was to hide a cache right downtown, where the object was less about a 
hard find, and more about being sneaky and undetected.  I wanted a big cache 
too, cause my kids don't like the little ones...they want loot!  When I saw the 
blue structure, I knew it would work.  But it is so similar to Portsmouth 
Olympic Harbour, that I knew it would also be too easy.

I tried to get it posted on a sat morning, for a better FTF race, but submitted 
it too early.  It was reviewed and posted in just 2 hours, whereas my prev 
caches have taken a few days.

Any suggestions for more downtown, urban caches?

I think the big sandy caches are too easy to find.  But I didn't want to be 
responsible for any environmental disturbances, so had limited prospects.  The 
one at the beach is too close to the trailhead.  When I was searching for a 
spot, a snowstorm broke out and I had limited options.  I'll be back there to 
look for a better spot, further from the trailhead.

I would appreciate feedback on my other caches too...don't worry, I have a 
thick skin, so give it to me straight.

BTW, there's an army surplus store in London Ont that sells ammo boxes for 

Dave Hamburger

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