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  • From: Nicholas Laan <nclaan@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 05:28:34 -0800 (PST)

Thanks for all the help everyone.  You all had great quick responses.  I think 
I will go for something that does have a map but probably less of the bells and 
whistles in order to balance costs.

Thanks again


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They said it all, so I will throw in a few 


My 60CSx came with a 64meg card which I upgraded to 
1 Gig, this allowed me to put a TON of maps in for the following 


Ontario - TOPO & Metroguide - All of the 
southern portion of Ontario from Quebec to Windsor up to Sault Saint 

Quebec - TOPO & Metroguide - Western half for 
trips to just beyond Montreal to Marin Heights all up to Deep River 

New York - TOPO & Metroguide - All of Northern 
New York




I also added a huge swath for a trip from Hamilton 
to North Carolina which included runs through Pensylvania, West Virginia, 
Virgina, North Carolina, Maryland and District of Columbia.


And I still had room for TOPO USA if I wanted 
to add them.


This is a bonus for road trips, but most GPS's only 
allow for 1000 waypoints, but there is a way around it.


Colour is so much nicer than geyscale.


With the 60 series you can turn off all the maps or 
select which ones you want to avoid clutter.





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  Nicholas Laan 

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I am new to the gps crowd and I was wondering if I could ask 
  some questions.  I see the debate here is raging over whether you should 
  get simple coordinates vs the map with bells and whistles.  I am a bit 
  more interested in getting some sort of map reading but I have a few 
  questions.  Is there a huge difference between the greyscale maps and the 
  colour ones?  A lot of these devices also note that they come with an 
  American map (+ north america) are Canadian cities such as Kingston well 
  represented?  And the final question is do I go with the say 8 or 32 megs 
  of build in memory vs the replaceable memory cards.  How large an area 
  can i fit on 8 megs? if i want to switch maps from my computer is it easy? 

Thanks for the help


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