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I own the Garmin GPS 60 CSX - the one with the colour screen.  I used to own a 
Magellan 300, no colour screen, no map.
If you have a GPS with no map, make sure you have a paper map with you, so you 
can find out where you really are.  Coords are great, but they tell you only 
numbers, not where you ARE, if you know what I mean.  Also, you can move the 
cursor around the map (on the GPS or on the computer) to get other coords, to 
mark a point you are not at (ass opposed to adding 500 M North, and ohh.... 
ummm.... 25 Eastish?).
As to colour vs grey scale.. colour looks like a map.  Grey scale does not.  To 
compare, take a map and photocopy it black and white.  Now try and work with 
it.  Not fun.  And it's even worse on a little GPS screen
Most come with cables and software so you can move waypoints, tracks even maps 
from GPS to computer and from computer to GPS.  My garmin lets the computer be 
"live" - ie you can hook it to a laptop in your car, and have a full screen map 
updating all the time.
As to how much you can fit on 8 megs, I've no idea.  But I have every Topo map 
for Ontario from the Quebec border on the St Lawrence, to Niagara, up to Borden 
/ Meaford on and back to Ottawa/Hull.  And that with the factory memory.  I 
think it can hold more, but I've not need.  On my computer, I have every topo 
map for the entire country.
Your maps on the GPS are only as up to date and as accurate as your maps on 
disk.  That being said, the Garmin are excellent.  Can't speak for anyone else, 
as I don't own them.
Hows that?

David G Lucas 
DG Lucas 
Or Supervisor 
CF Joint Support Group HQ 
Kingston, On, K7K 7B4 

v - 613 541 5010 xtn 2103 
f - 613 540 8568 

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I am new to the gps crowd and I was wondering if I could ask some questions.  I 
see the debate here is raging over whether you should get simple coordinates vs 
the map with bells and whistles.  I am a bit more interested in getting some 
sort of map reading but I have a few questions.  Is there a huge difference 
between the greyscale maps and the colour ones?  A lot of these devices also 
note that they come with an American map (+ north america) are Canadian cities 
such as Kingston well represented?  And the final question is do I go with the 
say 8 or 32 megs of build in memory vs the replaceable memory cards.  How large 
an area can i fit on 8 megs? if i want to switch maps from my computer is it 

Thanks for the help



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