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Hey ktownhiker! As a former owner of an eTrex Legend and a current user of a MAP60Cx I think I can take a crack at your questions.

First - Maps. Yes I think you should get a GPS that displays maps. While there is nothing wrong with following an arrow that gives you a bearing and distance I find it very useful to know that in the five hundred meters between me and the goal there is a swamp, a hill, or another obstacle. It saves you from having to refer to a paper map, and the higher end units will also auto-route for you on the road.

Second - Greyscale or Colour maps? Greyscale works just fine, my Legend sufficed for 4 years and 2500 finds, but there is no doubt that a colour screen is clearer and typically larger too. The down side is that it tends to use up batteries faster, but that's not a big deal really. On colour screen it's easy to see if a line is a contour line or a stream right away.

Last - memory:

My Legend had 8 megs of internal memory, with no provision for external cards. I was able to load Canada Topo, Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec, from Kingston to Pembroke to Wakefield to Cornwall. If i travelled I would just plug the GPSr into the laptop and download the area I was going to, usually after I arrived. The Legend uses a serial port which is very slow, and many newer computers don't have one so you'll need to get an adapter.

My MAP60Cx came with a 64meg card, I loaded Topo Canada Toronto to Pembroke to Montreal, and I still have lots of room on the card! I can load multiple maps too and switch between them, though I haven't felt the need yet. The down load is through a USB port and takes seconds! Much better for the impatient cacher!

The base map that comes with these units is very basic, but Topo maps are easy to install and download from your computer. Mapsource is Garmin's product. To make your decision more interesting there are some real bargains out there now on the eTrex series. I saw a Legend and TopoCanada Maps combo at Wal-mart for under $200, which is a real deal since the maps usually sell for about $140! There are lots of promotions on the Map60's now as well in advance of the Colorado release this summer.

Come out to one of the next event caches/ pub nights and pick the brains of someone like swimmrguy or Remote Sensor. I'm pretty sure you'll get some solid opinions from the roomful of cachers! You can also join the discussions at http://ottawageocaching.com/forum/, lots of opinions flying around there too!


P.S. Watch out for the Magellan users, they will try to lure you to the dark side with lies and exaggerations! *grin*

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I am new to the gps crowd and I was wondering if I could ask some questions. I see the debate here is raging over whether you should get simple coordinates vs the map with bells and whistles. I am a bit more interested in getting some sort of map reading but I have a few questions. Is there a huge difference between the greyscale maps and the colour ones? A lot of these devices also note that they come with an American map (+ north america) are Canadian cities such as Kingston well represented? And the final question is do I go with the say 8 or 32 megs of build in memory vs the replaceable memory cards. How large an area can i fit on 8 megs? if i want to switch maps from my computer is it easy?

Thanks for the help


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