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Sometimes they can be taught before it's too late, and you get to see the
actually light of the epiphany shine upon them.

Try to imagine this.  You're wandering around the base, seeing what your
privates and corporals are up to.  You come across a private pressing a
piece of plywood against his stomach while working HARD on a hole in the
board with a bayonet. 

Me: Private, what are you doing?
Pvt: Sir, drilling a hole in this board.

(slow day I guess, I can't imagine why he needed a board with a bayonet hole
in it)

Me: Why don't you go get a drill and do it?
Pvt: This way is more fun and it doesn't have to be a clean hole anyway.
Me: Fair enough, one question though.. Where is that bayonet going to go
when you get through the board?

There was a good 10-15 seconds of awkward silence here.  You could almost
see the gears turning.  There was an almost audible "ding".

Pvt: I think I'll go get a drill, sir.

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One Website, you will laugh your read off http://www.darwinawards.com/

I like the idiot who plugged a detonator into a 220V outlet.........


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> Three words:
> Darwinism in action.

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