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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 21:17:20 -0500

So let me get this straight -

Parks Canada and Ontario Parks are refusing to allow geocaches on their 
properties because of 'enviromental' and 'Safety' concerns, yet other branches 
of the same Governments are actively encouraging geocaching tourism with 
promotions and prizes? Woof! 

The Canadian Ecology Center seems to have the same attitude as most of us: get 
out and enjoy the trail, see new things, meet new people and enjoy the hunt. 
Perhaps the Parks bureaucrats should visit and get some pointers.....

I'll participate in the 'contest' if any caches are in the area. I gather 
they're not listed on GC.com though, are they?

BTW - that sasquatch in the photo - was that Zartimus again?

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  Hey, looks as if the Northern Ontario GPS Treasure Hunting contest is coming 
to Eastern Ontario.


  I have done a few of their caches up north and was impressed by the set-up.  
The group is a part of The Canadian Ecology Center 
http://www.canadianecology.ca/ .


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