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  • Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 15:31:15 -0500

Is this now a policy for all areas in the RVCA?

faire winds jaktar

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  I guess bluelamb03 (or anyone, really) should hustle out there
  to retrive the Bluelamb TB from On The Rocks before it is lost

  -- Mark Lord
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  Lloyd Baker wrote:
  > Looks as if we have lost another great area for caching. At
  > present "Sapper's Retreat" and "Westport View" have been removed.
  > The only caches left for now are "On the Rocks" and "Triangle".
  > I have contacted the Park Supervisor and received the following
  > Thank you for your e-mail and offer in assisting with the
  > geocaches found in Foley Mountain Conservation Area.
  > Unfortunately I will be busy with a group of students this
  > I wish to retrieve the geocaches my self to see just how far off
  > trail they are and in what areas they have been placed.
  > I also would like the owners of these geocaches to meet with me
  > to pick them up so that I may talk with them directly.
  > Once again thank you for your offer of assistance.
  > Sincerely,
  > Bond Strand
  > Area Supervisor
  > Foley Mountain

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faire winds


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