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i want a list of these caches when they come out again for draws..you guys
are all so lucky!!
great way to start off the new year i would say!!

On 1/3/07, Graeme Watson <Graeme.Watson@xxxxxx> wrote:

I just checked my emails, I won a night at the Canadian Ecology Centre.
Which is really interesting because I attended a conference there last year
and stayed overnight.

Lucas.DG@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

holy cats.

I was too busy to enter... is it too late?



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Well done to geonanny and all other winners!

We also received an email this morning......as we won a ATV tour,
details to follow.

Cheers, Happy new year to everyone.


On 1/2/07, Lloyd Baker <binrat@xxxxxxxxxxxx> <binrat@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Congratulations to Geogranny.......

Out of 2,386 log entries in the Ontario GPS Treasure Hunt she
won............drum roll please.............


I hope this means a lucky year for her.


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