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  • Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 10:14:03 -0500

Sure Shenanigens was easy for you guys, I took the lead (first to fall thru the ice).
Whistle in the dark will be much easier in the winter then the summer if you do not have a boat or rock shoes.
However wait until the ice is firmly frozen, i.e. look for snowmobile tracks. -Graeme

Lloyd Baker wrote:

ALL OF THEM, a little snow won't stop us. But to give you a few suggestions.
By the left, Quick March
A World Apart
Century Centry
Here Wolfie
Bend in the Road
Farewell to Kingston
I could go on and on, but most caches are easy to find in the winter, just look around noticeable objects when you zero out. Caches are hidden around rocks, trees and other fun items.
Also, look at the cacher Mudlark for caches we all hit during the Quinte Expeditionary Force/ Did I cache your name? 26 Feb. 2005 event. I highly recommend " SHENANIGENS" during the winter, much easier.
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> To KAG
> With winter rolling in, geocaching, in Kingston gets hard, I was wondering
> weather anyone has any suggestions for a cache to find during the winter.
> thanks
> leafdolfan
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