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The cruise was a blast.  We were able to hit "Pirates of the St. Lawrence",
"The Islands - Part III" and "The Islands - Part Deux".

The attendees were Hoover and Root, Bluelamb03, Remote Sensor, Geogranny and

We are still waiting for Remote Sensor and Hoover and Root to log their
finds but if you "search for caches found by Binrat" there some good logs so
far and some nice pictures.

Next year we hope to have "Splashdown - Part Deux" next year and complete
the caches we missed.

I placed a note on the event page that details the stats of the event.

As a side note, the waitress was surprised at all the electronic goodies at
the table...so.  The Grand Total was this:

Garmin GPSMap 60c, Garmin GPSMap 60CS, Garmin Venture, Garmin Legend, Garmin
Vista, 3 Canon Digital Cameras, 1 Nikon Digital Camera and 1 Palm Pilot(by
what I saw) and a rough guess was at least $3000 to $4000 worth of goodies
at one table(this would include the odd accessories and software) now is
that scary or what.

P.S. Check out the picture of Bluelamb03's "Water Snake Anti-Venom" in my

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> How was the cruise, folks? Did the Skipper, Gilligan, et al make it back
> alive? ;-)
> Cheers,
> ..G
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