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  • Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 21:26:15 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Koopy posted this today in the geocaching forums...

> Hi guys, first post for me ever.  Just got my first GPS (Magellan
> SporTrak Map) back on May 20th.  While learning about the technology on
> the web came across geocaching.  I'll be honest, I initially thought it
> sounded a tad silly (as I'm a "serious canoeist/camper" who only bought
> it for practical purposes :P ).  However, once I searched by my home
> coordinates and realized how many were easily accessible in Kingston,
> combined with wanting to test out my new gizmo, and having two young'uns
> who love treasure hunting, it wasn't long before the family became
> addicted!  Just saw and responded to your Kingston Area Geocachers site
> and we also hope to attend the cache event at Gould Lake in June.  From
> just following your caches, profile and now the Kingston link, wanted to
> say thanks for sparking our new (but I can only imagine long-term)
> passion!  When doing "The Fort" yesterday I was spying Cedar Island.
> Wind was way too strong plus we didn't bring the canoe, but it's calling
> out to me!  We'll also be hopefully adding some enjoyable caches of our
> own soon.  :D
> Peter, Wendy & Lost Girls

Welcome, Koopy!

I've been enjoying your cache logs over the past week and a half. I
especially like all the photos you post.

I didn't know about geocaching either when I bought my first GPS receiver.
It was a yellow Garmin eTrex and I bought it because I was writing a
computer program to plan out and measure the lengths of running routes,
and I wanted an accurate way to calibrate the map I scanned in and was
using in the program. Funny, I don't use that program any more
(OziExplorer is *much* better).


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