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  • Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 20:03:04 -0500

Hello everyone,

Sorry I've been out of the loop for so long.  I was tracking the Admiralty 
Islands event cache though, and glad to see you're all still up to the usual 
shenanigans.  I'm impressed you all had the fortitude to allow R.S. to 
navigate!  You're all brave, brave souls.    ;-)

Binrat, in regards to your Harley associate, I've got a Magellan SporTrak 
Map for sale.  It's brand new, never used outdoors, still in the box with 
all accessories, 7 months warranty still applicable, and I'm throwing in the 
MapSend Streets & Destinations Canada CD-ROM.  The total retail value 
together would be between $350-$400.  I'm asking $250 or best offer.  This 
might be a bit more than your new friend is willing to spend, but it's a 
great piece of hardware.  If anyone's interested, you can email me at 
skoopman1@xxxxxxxxx and I can send off a JPEG file containing the whole 
package and a detailed explanantion of all the features.  I'm offering this 
to you gang and to people at work before I post it on Ebay.

Take care,


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>I was stumbling around in the tall grass at Galop"ing" Along doing a little 
>updating and when I came out I noticed a guy and his girlfriend looking at 
>me while sitting on their Harley, Davidson that is.
> I explained Geocaching and he is going to try it out.  He is looking for a 
> used unit, cheap, anybody have any suggestions of who or where he could 
> go.
> Binrat
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