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Early every spring, there's a semi-organized skimming "festival" on Loughborough Lake, where it passes under Perth Road, North of Kingston, here: http://maps.google.com/?ll=44.417107,-76.478577&spn=0.013916,0.040255

I never seem to hear about these things before the happen, but we chanced upon it once about 10 years ago. Some enterprising diver with a dry suit is always on hand to make a few bucks hauling out the flooded sleds. With the warm weather lately, I'm sure it's already taken place.


Lloyd Baker wrote:
You have got to be kidding, someone can't be the stupid. Would be kind of fun going for "Whistle in the Dark" and having that occur.


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isn't that just weeding out the weaker of the species...remember the news repoert with the guy who was trying to wakeboard behind the ski-doo on loughborough and smacked the bridge.

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Just a heads up. Myself and a small crew visited some of the EOG caches placed in the area recently and have a good tip for you.

For the cache on Howe Island you could just park your car on dry land and walk onto the ferry, I don't think there is a cost for this.

When we went across we were not charged the ferry fee for some reason, maybe you can get lucky too.

On another note, when we were motoring across the channel we noticed the local idiots(ie snowmobilers) left their tracks on the ice and funny parts was the tracks led right up to the open channel and continued on the other side. If I recall there is a fun trick you can do with your snowmoblie and it is called "Swooping" or "Skimming". You get your sled up to top speed and just as you are about to hit open water you pull back and the sled will skip across open water like skipping a stone on the water.

And you wonder why there are so many accidents each year.


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