[kag] Toadstools gone!

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Hoover & Root,

My condolences.  That was a great multi-cache (a FTF and first multi for
me)!  As I knew it was going to be a bit arduous, I didn't bring along my
wife and kids, but I told my wife that on some weekend when grandparents had
the girls, I would take her on the journey.  I know we can still walk the
trail, but it's just not the same.  This Parks policy continues to frustrate
me, as much as know where they're coming from.  

Thanks for the cache.  It will be remembered.


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This morning Loads of Toadstools was removed by Parks Ontario staff. I'm a 
little surprised by this, since Root and I went to lots of effort to make 
sure all the coordinates were outside the park boundaries.

Two of our other caches, Blueberry Hill and Lock Climber, are on Parks 
Canada land and we will be removing those in the near future. The Parks 
Canada policy against geocaching was made after these two caches were 
placed and I originally thought to take the "wait and see" approach, but 
now I think we'll just archive them.

So, if anybody wants to have a go at Lock Climber, you'd better do it 


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