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Every fall the "Penman" and I complete the "Frontenac Challenge" - this is
our fifth year, the year we get our names on a BRASS plaque, so I know we
can't make it in Sept / Oct (even when we're not hiking, he is XO with Navy
Reserve unit, and I'm CSM with Army Reserve unit, so out weekends are booked

Don't let that stop you.  I have an ammo box (nice big one) I'd like to
donate to the cause.

Let me know how to get it to you.

Dave "Choo Choo Boy" Lucas


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> Hoover wrote:
>> So here's an idea. What if we organize an event cache for some weekend 
>> before the weather gets too cold. Then everybody who shows up splits 
>> the cost of a boat rental, and we go out to find all those island 
>> geocaches. Maybe we could even hide one of our own, too. Anybody up for 
>> it?

It sounds like there is a bit of support for this idea, so I'll get 
started on writing up the cache description. I'd like to ask for some 
opinions. What would be a good date to go? Which caches should we attempt? 
Where should we meet?

I think we should try for at least The Islands - Part III, Pirates of the 
St. Lawrence, Merlin's Quest, and The Islands - Part Deux since they are 
all so close together. This would suggest meeting up somewhere in 
Gananoque. At the rental place? At a comfortable park bench? Any 

Other island caches which are not so close to Gananoque are Something 
About Mary (in the States), The Islands - Part 1, NAMSOIL (probably MIA), 
and Cedar Surprise. I think that's all of them. Anybody want to go for 
some of these too? How far would be too far away? I read that Team 
Kuebbing once ran out of gas in their rental boat, and we don't want to do 

As for the date, it will have to be on a weekend, but not Thanksgiving. 
Cast yer votes.


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