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If I can jump in here before this hits the review queue, insure that the event 
passes this Guideline "Event caches are gatherings for geocachers by geocachers 
to discuss geocaching." and this Guideline, "In addition, an event cache should 
not be set up for the sole purpose of drawing together cachers for an organized 
hunt of another cache or caches.  Such group hunts are best organized using the 
forums or an email distribution list." both taken from the Geocaching.com 
Guidelines found here, http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#event

Make the event a meeting in the morning for Breakfast or after the return for 
supper to discuss Geocaching and we have an event.  It does look very 
interesting, I am highly doubtful if I could attend, it would be alot of fun.  
I just want to ensure I can list your event with no problems.  Good luck.

Geocaching.com Admin
Date: 2004/09/21 Tue AM 11:52:14 EST
Subject: [kag] Thousand Islands cache description

Okay, there are a few people who want to see this happen, so let's just get 
started and see how much we can get organized. Below is partial info for the 
event cache. If you want to help out, just pick something and do it, and post 
back to the list. Also, feel free to make additions, corrections, or 
suggestions to the info here.

Name: Admiralty Islands Splashdown
Type: Event Cache
Size: Other
Placed by: Kingston Area Geocachers
N 44=B0 xx.xxx W 075=B0 xx.xxx
In Ontario, Canada
Date: 16/10/2004 23rd? 30th?
Difficulty: 3 Terrain: 5

Short description:
We'll meet in Gananoque, rent a boat or two, and search for some geocaches in 
the Thousand Islands. GeoGranny wanted to name this event "a three hour tour." 

Long description:
We need more info before we can fill in this part. Here are some random 
thoughts. Feel free to write this up more nicely and repost it.

Bring plenty of water and snacks for yourself. If you are afraid of
getting sea sick, bring some gravol too.

Do we require boating licenses? Do we need to have at least one
experienced boater on board? Are we responsible for the safety of other 
geocachers who show up for the event?

What marina should we rent from? Estimate of cost per person? We'll
probably need to reserve the boats with the marina, based on the number of 
people we expect to show up.

Should we meet at the boat rental place, or maybe at a nearby park? Either way, 
we'll need the coordinates before we post the cache description.

Info about the islands and waterways in Admiralty Islands, and a very nice map, 
can be found here: http://www.paddle1000.com/guide/route3.htm

I am pretty sure admission to the Thousands National Park is free after 
Thanksgiving, since it's off-season. All the caches we plan to search for are 
on park islands.

If we find a nice spot, we may also hide a cache of our own. We'll need to 
bring stuff for the cache. Dave has volunteered to supply an ammo box, and Barb 
will give some trading items. We still need: Official geocaching sticker, 
logbook, English & French cache manifesto ("You've found it, intentionally or 
not..."), pens & pencils, ziplocks, trading items, and maybe a travel bug.

Please post a note if you plan to attend. We need to know how many people we 
will be so we can reserve the boat(s). Also mention what you can bring for the 
cache, if anything.

Additional Hints: wear your life vest!

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