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LOL! Devon is a summer student working Physics. I'm the SysAdmin for the

He actually has some of the story right. We took our vacation the first week
of July in New Brunswick. In researching likely caches along our route, I
actually eliminated three that are in caves. One of them required at least
some wading to get to the cache.

The trip was a bit of a bust, Geocaching-wise. Philip and I managed to not
find three caches, one was unreachable due to some flooding, and we
unknowingly kidnapped a TB from its goal area (there's a lesson to us all:
when placing a bug, at least write in the log what the goals are).

Boy, it's strange to know that people are talking about you. :-)


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Today Root and I went to a BBQ at a coworker's house and I wore my 
geocaching t-shirt. There was somebody there who said, "Oh, another 
geocacher" (or something like that). His name was Devon and he is somehow 
affiliated with the Queen's physics department, and he knows of 
geocaching through Gordo. He said Gordo is planning to find a bunch of 
caches in Nova Scotia hidden at the back of caves that you have to swim 
underwater to! I figured he must have gotten the story wrong, at least the 
part about there being more than one such cache.

I tried to ask him about Remote Sensor's friend Greg but I couldn't 
remember his name. I guess there is no real point to this email. Just 
telling a story...


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