[kag] Re: Queen of the Lake

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  • Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 22:33:56 -0400

Like an office-mate, perhaps? ;-)

Lloyd Baker wrote:

Hmmmm, I just thought of something, I wonder if the locals have a "snitch" at RMC who spreads the word when RS is heading out of town. This would explain the rash of cache placements while he is out of town. :-)
This would be very evil.........but somewhat funny.

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You've got it right Binrat! He's in Ottawa attending a conference,
and a few caches too (*grin*), and is terribly miffed that the
cache was approved while he was out of town! He'll probably have a
few harsh words for cache-tech! *lol*

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Very odd, a brand new cache right in Remote Sensor's zone and
no lunch time raid, very odd indeed. I hope he is not away on
course again because he won't be happy.

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