[kag] Re: Prime Downtown Real Estate Available

  • From: "Laura Forkes" <kayakkid@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <kag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 23:18:05 -0400

I think we all should go to the Lonestar and have a bucket of margaritas in the 
wake of the Muggle of your cache. Make it a MEXICAN style wake complete with 
the mariachi band....are you up to it? We should do this for fun....wear our 
KAG shirts...assemble ourselves to the patio...place a replica cache on our 
table and drink to the cache and to the owner. I would buy your first round!

Sound like a good idea anyone????

My nephew, feeling forlorn from having his sister beat him to all the caches on 
the day I introduced them to geocaching,,,December 31st claimed this cache as 
his own personal FTF. Fajita Hangover will be his memory of his FIRST geocache 
and he will be sad when I tell him that it was muggled. He will be sad to know 
that someone muggled it. He almost did a backflip to get it...he is only 
8....and too young to drink a toast...,but a chocolate milk supreme I will make 
him as we toast the lost cache.

SO the next time I am down to the Lonestar...we will toast the Fajita but not 
get a hangover...unless some of the KAG members have a ride program.  LOL  LOL  

I m serious about the idea however...



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