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(Mounting soapbox -)

People walking through the grass/bush will inevitably leave a trail, especially if they are not cautious. That trail can become very obvious if the same route is used on a regular basis. This is true for routes to geocaches, or shortcuts to the beach/parking lot/etc.

Hiking uses trails. Geocaches can be located in easy to reach spots close to trails. This minimizes the trailblazing. New York State Parks use a permit system to allow the Park Super to vet the cache location, ensuring it won't scar the area.

In Ottawa we enjoy easy access to Gatineau Park and the Green Belt lands, operated by the National Capital Commission as something less than a National Park, but definitely not municipal or provincial jurisdiction. There are a large number of caches that are close to trails, easy to get at, and caches that require some challenging cross-country hikes, but the most 'damage' I've seen to the environment comes from mountain bikes and ATV's that feel they have the run of the trails, any trails. Or make their own....

Compared to some other activities happening, authorized or not, geocaching is very benign, a true low impact, eco-friendly hobby. Can't say that about snowmobiles and bikes/ATV's on those trails.

(climbing down from soapbox now.....)

Good hunting everyone!


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Ya know....

I owned "A Rock In The Woods".

Someone stole it.

I went to replace it... and saw the damage we'd done to what was previously
an untouched area, by tromping through the woods to my (not incredibly
popular) cache.

Geocaching is educational, recreational, healthy and a great many other
wonderful things.  Sadly, it is also damaging.  If your mandate is to
protect, you have to take that into account.

Not looking for a punch in the nose, and sorry all....


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On Fri, 26 Aug 2005, Hoover wrote:

And finally, about the fact that removing the cache violated their own
policy. Loads of Toadstools was hidden after the policy came into effect.

Correction: The current Ontario Parks policy came into effect on April 15, 2005. But Ontario Parks met with geocaching.com administrators on November 7, 2003 and asked them not to approve any new caches in Ontario provincial parks.


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