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Ya know....

I owned "A Rock In The Woods".

Someone stole it.

I went to replace it...  and saw the damage we'd done to what was previously
an untouched area, by tromping through the woods to my (not incredibly
popular) cache.

Geocaching is educational, recreational, healthy and a great many other
wonderful things.  Sadly, it is also damaging.  If your mandate is to
protect, you have to take that into account.

Not looking for a punch in the nose, and sorry all....


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> And finally, about the fact that removing the cache violated their own 
> policy. Loads of Toadstools was hidden after the policy came into effect.

Correction: The current Ontario Parks policy came into effect on April 15, 
2005. But Ontario Parks met with geocaching.com administrators on November 
7, 2003 and asked them not to approve any new caches in Ontario provincial 


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