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  • Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 10:22:04 -0400

Hello everyone,


For those who don't have Loads of Toadstools or Divergence on their watch
list, the following was posted by the OGA Admin (so Hoover & Root and Tick &
Nammie and Zartimus & Tripper, are you going to approach good ol' Lloyd
Chapman and ask for your contents back?):



Location: Ontario, Canada

OGA - Admin posted a note for Loads of Toadstools (Archived) (Multi-cache)
at 8/26/2005


Log Date: 8/26/2005

Greetings to the Geocache Owner


One of our members brought it to the attention of OGA that this cache has
been removed by Ontario Parks.


Of primary importance, this action by Ontario Parks is contrary to their own
policy that states as follows


{Park Superintendent - Advises owners of existing physical geocaches that
they must remove their caches within one year of implementation of this


After one year of implementation of this procedure, removes all remaining
physical geocaches.} - Taken from the origianl Ontario Parks Policy, dated
15 Apr 05


As such, your cache is allowed to remain, regardless of its placement, until
the date of 15 Apr 06.


Secondary, as is evident on the ClaimMap image, none of the stages on within
the park boundary.  Ontario Parks has no authority for these areas, and as
such cannot remove items located on them.  We suspect that the Placer of the
Geocache ensured that the conatiners were not within Park boundary to
observe the current moritorium on Geocaching within Ontario Parks.  As such,
everything seems to be placed to respect the wishes of Ontario Parks.


As the Placer, it is up to you how to proceed but should you wish to place
the caches back as they were, you should contact the Park Superintendent and
direct them to review their own policy on Geocaching, as their actions were
contrary to this policy.


The policy is avaiable to the Geocaching community at

or by request, it can be emailed.


OGA will be contacting the local Geocaching approver, and our contact at
Ontario Parks in regard to this incident.


OGA - Admin




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