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Borden, huh?  You're gonna have to pop in on me from time to time, there's=

some darn purdy caches down this way=2E


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NOW you decide to lay caches on a wholesale level=2E  I have been transfer=
to CFB Borden for the rest of the summer and will not be able to dash out
for the FTF=2E  I will only be able to hit these on my return=2E

Congratulations to all who get the FTF on these caches and please think of=

me when you are logging in=2E


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Subject: [kag] New caches

> To all our fellow KAG geocachers,
> We have hidden 2 new caches today and hope to have 3 more out by the end=

> of the week=2E  We have decided to rise to the challenge of getting more=

> caches out in the Kingston area so we are doing our part=2E  By the time=

> we are finished we should have at least one on every major road heading
> north from Kingston and a couple using some new techniques=2E  We shall
> see how they turn out=2E  Enjoy!!
> Your geocaching friends,
> Leviathan_slayer and Cowgirl
> (aka Don and Sherry)
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