[kag] Re: Loads of Toadstools

  • From: Graeme Watson <Graeme.Watson@xxxxxx>
  • To: kag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 14:04:38 -0400

Not a lunchtime, but spitting distance from our cottage, so anyone who 
wants to beat me (Steve) better go during the weekday.
Hey this fun, I can now exploit my FTF reputation to have people 
scrambling even if I really have no intention of trying for a FTF.
Have to go now, I have somewhere to go in my Van, dum de dum...

P.S. Bahahahahaha!

Hoover wrote:

>On Mon, 23 Aug 2004, Graeme Watson wrote:
>>Hey Hoover, just send me the coordinates so that I can generate your
>>satellite image of the cache.
>>That's all I want them for, really;)
>Hah, good one ;) I'm not saying where the cache is, but the parking spot 
>is at N44 30.108 W076 28.569. You can drive up there to get a head start 
>on everybody else and then have somebody call you on your cell phone when 
>the coordinates are available!
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