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Splashdown is 4 P:M, if time permits, do both East and West.
My vote for splashdown would be MacNeil's Landing or Tim Horton's. Think I
will need something hot to eat and drink after the trip,  the park has no
picnic table and the facilities are not the best(outhouse).

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> On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, Graeme Watson wrote:
> > Notice the big 12 person covered one on the bottom of the page, they
> > keep it going until Dec.  I would like the 8 person however because they
> > are faster.
> They are both the same price ($165 for 4 hrs, $225 for 8 hrs). I guess our
> choice will depend on how many people we are.
> The River Rat web site says they are 2 miles west of the bridge, which
> would put them at approximately N44 21.558 W076 01.247, right in the
> middle between the two groups of geocaches.
> Playing around with my mapping software tells me that the trip west to the
> four caches in the Admiralty & Lake Fleet Islands and then back to the
> marina will be about 40km, assuming the multicache doesn't send us all
> over the place.
> The trip east to the three caches around Grenadier Island and back to the
> marina is 30km. These caches are Something About Mary, which is 150 meters
> on the wrong side of the Canadian border, NAMSOIL, which is missing and
> needs to be replaced, and The Islands Part I, which has nothing wrong with
> it. I am guessing that most people would vote against making this trip.
> (But I'm game!)
> Hoover
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